Commercial Owners

Real estate property taxes are a significant expense for commercial property owners. This cost can often be reduced through the tax appeal process in Connecticut. PTM professionals have 25 years of experience navigating through all phases of the appeal process, with a proven system to help you achieve the full potential of savings for your commercial property.

We specialize in commercial property tax appeals in Connecticut, aggressively pursuing every legal avenue to lower your taxes. We track changes in State Statutes and recent Superior Court decisions, employing the techniques favored by the tax court for your specific property type. Our professionals are in constant contact with local buyers, sellers, brokers and appraisers, with an extensive in-house database of comparable properties. We have first-hand knowledge of the mass appraisal techniques and CAMA software used by revaluation companies and assessors, and we know the key value-influencing factors that must be addressed during informal hearings, BAA hearings, and judicial appeals to reduce your property taxes.

We don’t charge any fees unless we reduce your property taxes. If an appeal is filed in tax court, we work closely with attorneys and independent appraisers to achieve the most favorable outcome. You are not billed for filing fees, appraisals, expert witness fees or legal fees. We will not send you an invoice unless we reduce your property taxes.